China Announces Reforms For Global Car Makers

Display of Latest Electric and SUV Vehicles at Beijing Car Show

As China is becoming a new prospective automotive market for all global car makers.  They have gathered to display their latest innovative electric vehicles and SUV’S at the Beijing car show 2018 which is the biggest automobile event currently taking place in Beijing, China.

It is a 9 day event starting from April 25th and will go on till 4th May 2018. Many of the leading global car makers are participating in this increasingly popular event and are exhibiting their latest design contemporary passenger and commercial vehicles to a large number of customers. This mega exhibition has to be going to get huge appreciation from customers with EV Concept Cars by bringing a technology to a next level of innovation. Car Makers are considering china to be their next home market with an explosive growth in terms of car sales which is expected to have a booming rise this year.

The notable car brands which are displaying their stunning models are Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Volkswagen, and Daimler. Toyota has plans to introduce 10 new electrified vehicles by 2020 as two of plug in hybrids are already being displayed at the show. Nissan is introducing for the first time its new 4-door zero emission Sylphy which is capable of traveling 338 kilometers distance on a single charge. Some of the other spot light production cars are Mercedes A Class Sedan 2019, BMW M2 Competition, Lexus ES 2019, Skoda Kamiq, and Volkswagen Touareg 2019. The upcoming concept cars are BMW iX3, DS X E – Tense, Mercedes-Maybach SUV Concept, MG-X Motion, Pininfarina K350 Concept, and Pininfarina H500 Concept.

China is now welcoming foreign car makers from all around the world by making new policy reforms to commence domestic production of their latest innovative cars to help increase vehicle sales and setting wider market opportunities for car makers to build more and more electrified green cars in coming future.

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